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Rednano’s a Superfluous Search Engine?

Singapore’s famous blogger Mr Miyagi said Rednano.sg “is a superfluous search engine” in his article, Rednano’s shepherd’s pie vs Google’s shepherd’s pie” and listed anecdoctal evidence to prove his view.

Rednano.sg is #1 Superfluous Search Engine

superfluous search engine #1 rednano.sg
Google search results on superfluous search engine

Personally, I think Rednano.sg is just another decent search engine. It is still far from what SPH Search want to achieve as a local search engine for Singapore. And I think the way SPH Search is marketing Rednano.sg is really very naive.

  1. Does SPH Search really understand how people use search engines?
  2. Why did they think Singaporeans would want to search for PIE or chicken rice at Rednano.sg?
  3. What is the real purpose of SPH building a search engine and directory?

Just Another Site for SPH to Sell Ad Space

Rednano.sg is destined to be a superfluous search engine as long as the developer’s number one priority is not to provide the best user experience but to sell more ad space.

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