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SPH-Search.com is Better

Found out that this crappy domain, SPH-Search.com has PR2. In terms of Google PageRank, SPH-Search is better than SPHSearch.com, SPHSearch.com.sg and SPHSearch.sg which currently ranked at PR1.

SPH-Search.com PageRank 14 Apr 2008

SPH Search registered these domains and launched them much earlier than SPH-Search.com. Logically, SPHSearch.sg should have better than PR1.

Why did SPH not link it’s high PR site such as SPH.com.sg, AsiaOne.com, Zaobao.com and StraitsTimes.com to SPHSearch.sg?

Maybe they did but screwed up in the process.

Maybe SPHSearch.sg would improve in the next Google PageRank update.

Maybe they were too busy dancing…

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