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WordPress Related Post Plugin

The most common related post plugin must be Related Entries by Alexander Malov & Mike Lu.

The latest version on Related Entries is V2.0.4. I have been using it at my SEO blog for a couple of years. So I thought it is about time to upgrade to a newer and better related post plugin that make use of tags.

To my disappointment, I could not find a suitable related post plugin after searching on Google for half an hour.

If you know of any good related post plugin, please leave me a comment.

As for now, I think I’ll just stick for Related Entries 2.0.4.

Updated at 11:26 am on 20 Feb 2008
Just found an “improved version” of the Related Entries plugin by Peter Bowyer. Overwrite the exisitng relate-posts.php with the one you download from Peter’s site.

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