Hokkaido Self Drive Tour

Lavender Hokkaido Summer 2007

I was invited to the Prime Travel in-house seminar on the Hokkaido self-drive tour package earlier today. Seeing those beautiful scenery are enough to tempt me to want to go visit Hokkaido again.

The Hokkaido tour package for May 2008 looked very tempting – the highlights are moss pink and tulips.

However the prices are not so attractive – more than S$3000 per person excluding airport tax.

All the self-drive tour packages are more costly than last year at NATAS Travel Fair even after the special $200 discount for those who attended today’s seminar.

Hokkaido JapanFor more information on Prime Travel’s Follow Me japan Hokkaido Self Drive Tour Packages and Pricing, visit http://www.followmejapan.jp

Hokkaido Self-Drive – Summer 2007 Photo Gallery

Click the picture of sunflower below to view my collection of photos taken during my Hokkaido trip.



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  2. I am planning a trip to Japaan starting 26 May. This will be a self managed trip. Intended to spend 3 days in Tokyo and another 5 days in Hokkaido (self drive). Any suggestion on domestic airline, vehicle renting and hotel booking in both cities (I will have two old folks and 2 young kids on the trip.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

    TC Ho

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