IT Show Singapore

The IT Show Singapore is here again in March at the Suntec City, Singapore. Since the IT Show is in the city and not at the far flung Singapore Expo, I will be visiting to pick up some computer hardware and accessories.

IT Show 2012
8 to 11 March
12 noon to 9pm
Suntec Singapore

What to buy at IT Show Singapore

1. I need a spare 80GB/100GB hard disk drive for my Dell notebook. My current hard disk drive is filling up quickly recently because I am taking more pictures and videos with my digital cameras to make Youtube video.

A4 Laser Mouse2. My 2-year old A4 X-750F Laser Mouse has not been behaving properly recently so I’ll need a new mouse. I really like this A4 Laser Mouse and I think it is very important to get a good mouse since I spent more than 8 hours hold it every day. My budget for the new laser mouse is S$70.

Memory Stick Pro Duo 4GB3. Also, I am looking for a Memory Stick Pro Duo 4GB for my little T200 Sony digital camera. According to the prices at PriceGrabber, the 4GB memory stick is between US$31.88-US$119. I’ll set a budget of S$100 for the memory stick.

What’s the hottest products at the IT Show

Even though it’s called the IT Show, the hottest products may not be the computer hardware or software.

In the recent years, digital cameras and flat panel TV such as the HD LCD TVs and Plasma TVs have been the hottest selling items in the IT Show.

You will also be able to see the latest mobile phones, smartphones (maybe the iPhone?) and ultra-portable notebooks… MacBook Air and Lenovo X300.


  1. iirc, 4gb mspd is already around 80+ sgd… also, from hwz show preview – it seems that sandisk 8gb mspd will be at 168 sgd.

  2. Thanks JW.

    It’s good to know the price of 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo is less than $100. I assume that is a Sony one.

  3. Looks like you’re looking for a wired mouse huh? For wireless (and portable) my Logitech Nano VX is working great. Show promo $149 from someone I can’t remember but I bought it earlier last year when it was launched for $120.

  4. Hi Bernard,

    Thank you for stopping by. Yes, I still prefer wired mouse as I am too lazy to replace or recharge the battery of the wireless mouse.

  5. Hi snm,

    Is that the price for Memory Stick Pro Duo 4GB?

    Thanks! You just saved me another $50!

    [Updated on Mar 6, 2008]: I went to Mustafa to check the price. Sony 4GB MSPD was $86 and Sandisk 4GB MSPD was $85.

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  8. I want to buy the 65 inch panasonic plasma tv..whats the discount and effective price i can get in the IT show or any other shopping center in singapore.

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