Web Design for Mobile Devices

Ever wonder what is the ideal Web page size for the mobile phones, smartphones, Internet tablets or ultraportable laptops?

iPhoneMost mobile phones have screen resolution of 240 by 320 pixels. Smartphones give you bigger viewing area, in the case of iPhone the maximum resolution is 480 by 320 pixels. As for Internet tablet such as the Nokia N810, you’ll get a huge 800 by 480 pixels (screen 4.13″).

Display Resolution For Mobile Internet Devices

The 800 by 480 pixels may be the new standard for Mobile Internet Devices(MID). It is interesting to note that the wildly popular Eee PC also has a 800 by 480 resolution, 7″ screen.

I think the 800 by 480 pixel is a practical display size to view a web page. However, this resolution may not be possible on a 2″ display of a mobile phone; though it will be nice to have a display with 480 by 320 resolution on all mobile phones.

Making Your Web Page Mobile Device Friendly

Currently, the most popular screen resolution on most computer is 1024 by 768 pixels. Very likely, your Web page is designed for this 1024 by 768 XGA standard.

More and more people will be accessing the Internet using their mobile devices. So you’ll have to make your Web page viewable on a smaller screen. But how small?

For your new Web pages to reach the increasing number of mobile users, keep the most important message on your Web page to the first 640 by 480.

Web design for small screen

You may want to divide your page into not more than 2 columns with the more important content on the left hand side – content on the left and navigation on the right. Your left column should be less than 480 pixels, preferably between 320 to 450 pixels.

Web Design Mobile Internet device

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