IT Show 2008

I was at the IT Show 2008 yesterday and went again earlier today to take a picture of a little gadget that kept me awake thinking last night. Here’s the culprit that caused my insomnia.

Made in Korea UMPC

I am impressed by the Made in Korea UMPC. This little gadget runs Windows XP, weigh only 500g and can last for 6 hours.

Everun UMPC
Everun UMPC

Here’s a video showing the Everun S60H UMPC (S$1,438) in action and also the WiBrain B1H (S$1388).

[youtube S0n6bJTctPg]


Asus Eee PC

If you are on a budget and in need of a UMPC for your work or travel, take a look at the Asus Eee PC. It is affordably priced at S$598 for the Eee PC 4G model. Or you wait for the price to drop even further when in the new model is available April. The new model Eee PC 900 was announced 4 days ago at CeBit 2008. The new specs for the Eee PC 900 are:
– 8.9″ screen at 1024×600 resolution
– 1GB RAM with upto 12GB storage
– Linux and Windows XP versions
– Price €399

[youtube aY2azHo0LAU]

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