Who’s #1 Internet Marketing Coach

I just discovered that I am now the #1 Internet Marketing Coach ranked by Google.

Go search “internet marketing coach” at Google.com.sg, you’ll see my Internet Marketing Coach blog at WordPress.com is ranked Number 1.

Internet Marketing Coach

And if you search using Google.com, I am ranked number 3.

Internet Marketing Coach #2 in Google.com


Google Must Have Changed Something

Not bad for a blog that was dormant for past 6 months. If I haven’t been change anything in that blog then Google must have changed it ranking algorithm. Maybe WordPress.com is getting back into Google good

For the past 7 months, it was ranked between 9th to 15th position.

In fact, this Internet Marketing Coach blog was first ranked among the top 10 in July 2007 – just 4 months after I started the blog to experiment how quickly I could achieve top 10 ranking for a relatively competitive keywords such as “internet marketing coach”.

Maybe I should make some time to get it into the top 10 spots for the very competitive internet marketing.

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