The 21 Traffic Generation Methods

Here’s a list of the 21 traffic generation methods which you can used for your Internet marketing campaign. I got this list from Stephen Pierce, top Internet Marketing Guru.

The 21 Traffic Methods

  1. Article Traffic
  2. Banner Traffic
  3. Blog Traffic
  4. Classified Traffic
  5. Craigslist Traffic
  6. Directory Traffic
  7. eBay Traffic
  8. eZine Traffic
  9. Facebook Traffic
  10. Forum Traffic
  11. Joint Venture Traffic
  12. Link Traffic
  13. MySpace Traffic
  14. Pay-Per-Click Traffic
  15. Podcasting Traffic
  16. Press Release Traffic
  17. Search Engine Traffic
  18. Social Network Traffic
  19. Social Shopping Traffic
  20. Squidoo Traffic
  21. YouTube Traffic

Traffic Methods I Use

Honestly, I have not used all these 21 traffic methods. I do have several favorite traffic methods which bring me good results.

These Web traffic generation methods are article traffic from article directories, blog traffic from other people blogs, Pay-Per-Click traffic from Google Adwords, press release traffic from PRWeb, Youtube traffic and last but not least search engine traffic from Google and Yahoo.

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