“This site may harm your computer”

Don’t panic when you see your site is listed with this phrase “This site may harm your computer” in Google. One of my clients’ blog was hacked and was linked to a site distributing badware.


How To Remove Google’s Warning

1. Identify the offending content or links on your site/blog.

In our case, one of the blog post was hacked. There was some gibberish and links to some sites that distributed malicious software.

2. Remove the offending content and links.

I removed the entire post including all the content and links.

3. Patch or upgrade to latest version if you are using a blog or CMS. If you are using a static HTML, examine your server public folder to ensure there is no undesirable file.

As that was a WordPress blog, I backed up the MySQL database after making sure all the remaining posts are clean. Then I deleted all the files in public folder of the Web server and re-install the latest WordPress version.

4. Visit StopBadWare.org and follow the instruction to request a review.

Get a report on your site – use this URL:



Following the instruction on the page to request for a review.

5. Visit Google Webmaster Tools to request reconsideration, get more information at this URL:


We discovered the problem yesterday’s evening. Got everything done within an hour and requested for reconsideration. Now, in less than 24 hours, the site listing in Google is back to normal!

Web site security is becoming a serious issue and we should always make sure we have the latest patch and version to prevent our sites being compromised.

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