Google Reseller Screwed Up Own Ad

No. 1 Google reseller advertiser Activamedia screwed up ad landing page URLWould you want to hire a Google reseller who screwed up their own AdWords ad? I discovered this since yesterday but until now, nothing has been done to correct the blunder.

I am very surprised that even an AdWords Qualified Company and AdWords Authorized Reseller, which got a Number 1 position for this ad on the keywords google reseller and google resellers got it wrong. The URL pointed to a page which did not exist, instead you were served with an Error 404 – Page not found.

Would Your Google Reseller Do This To You?

Watch this video to find out how did this Singapore Google reseller screwed up their Sponsored Links ad in Google.

Don’t Just Trust Logos Blindly

Business and companies which dabble into search marketing and the new media should not just rely on the logos such as Authorized AdWords Company and Authorized AdWords Reseller to trust their PPC manager 100%.

One should always check and verify the actual quality of job delivered.

Do you have any bad experience with your search marketing company or PPC manager?

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  1. Nice on Shi…

    I discovered this blog post when i type in google authorized resellers on Google to check out competitions.

    Is really a blunder by them… 😉

  2. @Cheow I hope they are good now otherwise there is really no meaning to the so-called Google authorized reseller or Google AdWords Professional. Pay $50 to take a test but did not know how to apply the fundamentals of search marketing.

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