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“Because I’m not familiar with mesotherapy, I don’t even know what it is. So let’s leave it to the professions to sort it out,” said Mr Khaw. I think that’s a sensible thing to do and I respect the Health Minister for admitting his lack of understanding on aesthetic medicine.

Health Minister on Aesthetic Treatments

“Doctors are supposed to do what they think appropriate, taking into account possible benefits, and then possible risks. So that’s a decision which doctors have to make all the time. Because if they fail to do that, they could be subject to investigation,” said Mr Khaw.

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MOH to let professionals regulate aesthetic treatments

What is Mesotherapy?

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What I understood from the recent MOH ban on aesthetic treatments was from the local news portal. And my knowledge of these aesthetic procedures are limited to my research on the Internet.

If you were reading about the news report on the controversial ban over the past 3 days, you will come across all sort of esoteric terms like carboxytherapy, endermologie, microneedle dermarolller and mesotherapy.

But one cannot believe everything the news said or can we?

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Inside Scoop: Quoted When No Comments Were Made!

What really puzzled me was that the ban on aesthetic treatment was applicable to medical clinics registered with MOH and not applicable to aesthetic centers, beauty salons and etc. It doesn’t make sense, does it?

Does it mean that I cannot go to a medical clinic to have mesotherapy procedure done by a medical doctor but I can get it at aesthetic center performed by a beautician?

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