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I reckon there are already many of free keyword research tools out there but is there a reliable AdWords keyword tool that spys on your competitors’ PPC campaigns?

If you are new to the PPC advertising, one for the smart way of finding the right keywords for your AdWords campaign is to use what your competitors are already using.

Although Google AdWords Keyword Tool can generates a list of possible keywords and related keywords to help you start testing keywords for your new AdWords campaign, it would save you time and money if you know what are the profitable keywords that your competitors are already using.

There are several keyword tools that let you spy on your competitors’ keywords for AdWords campaign, such as:


AdWords Keyword Tools

I tried both and After many hours of keyword research with these keyword research tools, I decided my preference for [aff. link].

Case Study on Vitamin with

Now, let’s use vitamin as an example for our case study.

Keywordspy - vitamin

There are 30 domains using vitamin in their AdWords campaign. You will want to further drill down each of these 30 domains to find out exactly what other keywords to promote their vitamin related product.

Let’s start with the domain that has the most numbers of keywords:

The free version of the will display only 10 of the 12.785 keywords used by

Long Tail Keyword Research

With gold membership, you will see all the 12,795 keywords! You will be able to know what are the highly competitive keywords (more costly) and the Long Tail keywords.

An example of the Long Tail keyword which I discovered using KeywordSpy on was “magnesium glycinate”.

Further research on this keyword “magnesium glycinate” uncovered the domain which has an inventory of 12,557 keywords!

KeywordSpy - magnesium_glycinate

Both domains are probably manged by professional AdWord campaign managers and you can now tap into their important list of profitable keywords.

You can examine and compare the thousand of keywords from both and to compile your own list of profitable PPC keywords.

Save Time & Money, Make Quick PPC Profit

With such a powerful and advanced keyword tool, you will save time and money on your keyword research and make quick profit with your AdWords PPC campaigns for your target niches.

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