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Found this interesting blog post by Trevor Crook at Digg. I think this is one of the best article on writing persuasive headlines!

Headlines Suck!… 12 Kick Ass Rules To Creating Headlines Which Sell

You know the author is capable at writing captivating copy when you read this in the opening sentence…

“If your headline doesn’t stand out like a woman’s nipples who’s just won a wet t-shirt competition, your sales message or blog article will not get read.”

Jacqueline Bisset Wet T-Shirt - The Deep

What Other People Said… 12 Kick Ass Rules To Creating Headlines Which Sell

Here’s some comments made at Digg on the article:

  1. “This may sound like common sense, but this post turns into dynamite when you simply take a headline you’ve been working on, read through the rules one by one and tweak as you go — tweak as you go. Now I am off to do a last polish…”
  2. “This blog post is pure gold! Just as soon as I leave this comment, I’m going to my latest sales page and reviewing my headline. I’m also going to keep visiting Trevor Crook’s blog. It’s a fantastic marketing find.”
  3. “Finding the right words even for a headline or blog article will be so much easier now after I apply these rules.”
  4. “It seems simple enough when you follow the 12 headline rules. I will be applying them to my website and blog for sure.”
  5. “Great stuff and right on the money. Following these points will get you as close to success as you can in getting someone to read your article/sales page etc.”

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