What is HubScore?

I was asked several times yesterday, “What is the number beside the title at your hubpages?”. Honestly, I didn’t know what is this number or how it works… until now.

HubScore: Your Hubpages KPI

HubScoreI read the Hubpages’ Starting Out Guide but could not find what HubScore is all about.

Then I visited the Hubpages’ Forums and found a discussion thread which directed me to a Hubpages that hubs about…
How HubScore Works

How Your HubScore is Computed

The most important HubScore components that you should be concerned with are:

  1. Amount of traffic, including sources other than Hubpages e.g. Google, Stumbleupon, Digg
  2. The length of your Hubpages article
  3. The uniqueness of content
  4. The number of thumbs-up votes from unique users
  5. The overall quality of the Hubber (author HubScore and Status)

And yes, your HubScore does fluctuate daily (some even hourly) like in this video below:

[youtube ynLfXmi_J2E]

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  1. Interestingly, how many times you link to the same page outside of HubPages can also affect your status. I can see how this could be abused by spammers, but it does limit Hubpages usefulness as a means of site promotion.

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