Looking for a Divorce Lawyer, cheap or good?

Am really curious to know if cheap divorce lawyer and good divorce lawyer were competitive keywords among law firms in Singapore.

I saw an AdWords advertising for divorce lawyer in one of the Hubpages article about Singapore. The ad prompted me to find out more on the divorce rate in singapore over the recent years.

According to a report by Straits Times in July 2007, the number of divorce cases had risen to 7,061 in 2006. At the same time, the number of marriages was at a six-year high – at 23,706.

Does it mean that as more people getting hitched, the number of divorce cases will increase proportionally?

And more business for the divorce lawyers!

More and more couples splitting up are searching for information on divorce procedure rather than going for marriage counseling to resolve differences and conflicts to improve their relationship.

To those who are looking for divorce lawyer, you may want to visit this site first:


It may be less expensive to mend the relationship than to look for cheap divorce lawyers.


  1. Have anyone found any good divorce lawyer… not cheap but really good service and value for money ? Please recommend.

  2. I am looking for a good lawyer to help me appeal for a lower maintenance cost to my ex-wife. Anyone can help as I don’t earn much and I do not have any savings too.

  3. I’m married in 2010…. my wife from china…..she left me…. she ask for divorced…. she don’t want come back Singapore for all divored process…. what I need to do….. no children and house….. divorce fees expensive or not…..???thanks

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