YouTube High Quality How-to

This morning I found out that some of my Youtube videos can be viewed in high quality. Despite the need for higher bandwidth, Youtube high quality videos look and sound so much better.

YouTube High Quality Videos with Sony T100

The Sony Cybershot DSC T100 digital camera is not a new model, I have been using it for more than 1 year.

Guide to Sony T100
[youtube 8K5yjubcXzM]

So far I am happy with the videos and photos taken by the Sony Cyber-shot digital camera. In fact, I prefer using my little red T100 to my Olympus DSLR when it comes to group and candid shot.

High Quality Video Settings for Sony T100

To take high quality video for YouTube, you will need to set the T100 to Movie Mode and then select Image Size to 640(Fine).

I would recommend to have at least 2GB of memory if you attempt to take high quality video at 640(Fine) and still want to have space for still photos.

Memory Capacity for High Quality Videos

I am using a SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo (MSPD) which I bought at the recent IT Show in Singapore. With a 4GB MSPD, I can record up to 52 minutes high quality video in 640(Fine) mode or 3 hours in 640(Standard) mode!

Windows Movie Maker & WMV

If you are using Windows Movie Maker to edit your video before uploading to YouTube, you have to take note of the settings when you video is saved in Microsoft’s WMV format.

Windows Movie Maker high quality video settings

When saving the final edited movie as WMV for uploading to Youtube, choose “Other settings:” and “Video for LAN(1 Mbps)” or “Video for Local Playback(1.5 Mbps)”.

Here’s the minimum settings at a glance:

1. File type: Windows Media Video (WMV)
2. Bit rate: 1Mbps
3. Display size: 640 x 480 pixels
4. Aspect ratio: 4:3
5. Frame per second: 30

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