PC Show Suntec

Suntec Exhibition Centre has been preferred location for computer and electronics trade shows in the recent years. The IT Show 2008 was held at Suntec. So is next week PC Show. Suntec is more convenient and accessible than Singapore Expo. To me, when the PC Show is at Suntec then it’s must go!

However, not everyone likes the idea of PC Show @ Suntec.

Some prefer the more spacious Singapore Expo. Also, at the Singapore Expo, you don’t have to climb up 6 levels to hunt down the booth selling the gadgets you want to buy.

Talking about gadgets. Here’s a list of hot items people are looking forward to get at offered price at the Singapore PC Show in June.

PC Show Shopping Listing

  • Laptops
    Acer Aspire and Travelmate
    Dell XPS M1330 Vostro 1310
    Cheap laptops and no-brand budget laptops
  • UMPC or Netbook
    HP Mini-Note
    Asus eee PC
    Kohjisha ultraportable PC
  • Thumb Drives
    The super-fast Buffalo
  • External Hard Drives
    500GB/1TB External HDD
  • Privacy Screen Filters
    3M privacy filter
  • LG KS20 Phone
  • In-Ear earphones
  • TV Tuner
  • 22″ LCD Monitor

Cheap Ultraportables and UMPC’s

I expect the cheap ultraportable and UMPC should be a hot seller at the PC Show. These toys are perfect for ladies with small fingers.

Must go check out the new Asus eee PC and HP Mini-Note.

Privacy Screen Filter for Laptop

I find it interesting that more and more people are looking for Privacy Screen Filter.

It was not too long along when laptop LCD has a very narrow angle of view and was impossible to make a presentation with a laptop to more than 2 persons.

Now, with better technology, the view angle of LCD on a laptop extend beyond 150 degree and people want to spend money to buy privacy filter to prevent their neighbours from peeking.

[youtube of2GvojGj0c]

See you at the PC Show Suntec on 12 June.


  1. I have the HP Mini-Note with a ViewGuard Privacy Filter. The Mini-Note is woefully underpowered and I would wait for the Intel Atom version to come out. It is the nicest looking of the bunch though and the keyboard is nice–much nicer than the Asus Eee, which looks like a toy. The nice thing about the subnotebooks is that they are totally portable. I cut down an 11.1″ Widescreen ViewGuard to fit my screen and it works perfectly. Now when people come over in Starbucks to check out the Mini-Note, I don’t have to worry about my work. You can check out the 11.1″ Widescreen ViewGuard here. It is really easy to cut.


  2. Speaking of the iPhone. Does ViewGuard make a privacy filter for the iPhone. I did a quick search on their website, buyviewguard.com, and couldn’t find anything.

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