Dog Training in Singapore

PuppiesI was looking for dog training related sites this morning. However, search results were not exactly what I was looking for. There was only 1 site in the top 10 of that has information about dog training in Singapore.

Keywords “Dog Training” Not So Competitive?

I thought dog training will be a competitive search terms since there are getting more and more dog owners in Singapore. However, the number of Singapore dog training sites listing in Google didn’t seem to indicate so.

Maybe there is really no demand for dog or puppy training because their pet dogs are already well-behaved and do not need any training.

In my next post, I will do a Google trend analysis on some of these pets and dogs related terms.

Pet Grooming vs Dog Training

Then I thought pet grooming may be a more popular search terms that dog training. Pet owners want their dogs to looks nice more than to behave nice.

And yes. I get more results of Singapore sites when I searched for pet grooming instead.

Why Am I Looking for Dog Training School?

Since I do not own any pet, you may wonder why I am interested in dog training. I am trying to find out if there were any dog training school in Singapore that would teach my neighbor’s dog to stop barking at me whenever I go near my front door!


  1. Pse help what I should do. On 6 august, I was bitten our silky terrier, Toii adopted in Dec’07. He is now 6 yrs and my family is Toii’s 3rd owner . About 2 weeks later, my mum was bitten and 2 days ago, my sister. Their wounds were really bad for my mum and sister and mum’s wounds not healing despite seeing 2 doctors. We’re are under tremendous pressures by relatives not to keep Toii. It’s too painful just to think about it and now we are feeling so depressed whyToii is behaving this way.

    Fyi, Toii is very friendly and lovable to everyone including friends and relatives and will cling to them. He is also obedient with commands of ‘wait’ ‘sit’ ‘come’ ‘let’s go’.

    Toii is fed with dog’s food in the morning , home-cooked food in the evening and fresh and soya bean milk….hardly like to drink water. Yesterday, we found the carpet was wet and realised it was Toii’s urine( first time).

    I’m not sure who I’m talking to right now….but desperately need some information. My mum is saying ” Take Him AWAY”

    Thank you very much if you care to offer advice.

  2. hi there i chanced upon this blog while searching for a popular singapore dog forum.

    one thing i noticed was that many dog trainers are found through word of mouth, usually recommended by forum friends or members or through where the dog is gotten from. i also tried the exact term you tried googling but hmm only 1 out of the few dog training sites i know of appeared on the list. i’m not sure why.

    one example would be Waggie’s, most probably the most famous of all dog trainers in singapore. it didn’t appear. you may want to check it out if your neighbour’s dog is still bothering you (:

    as for Stella, if you happen to visit this page again, usually when the dog behaves abnormally it may mean it’s sick or not feeling well, because dogs can’t tell us they’re sick. the dog may also be feeling confused about the environment as i read your comment you said it hasn’t been in your place for very long. also, it is recommended that you do not bring too many different faces to see your dog when it first move to your place, as you need to give it time to recognise you as the owner or family. i suggest you bring to for a check up to see if it’s unwell if you haven’t brought it to one (it’s recommended you get it checked asap when you bring it back home actually, whether sick or not). if not it might just need some time to become familiar with you. good luck!

  3. Hi.. I had a chance upon your blog. If I have the passion to be a Dogs trainer what’s is the first step to take? Since as there is few or none of dogs trainer school in Singapore.

  4. Its simple. You just need to search “dog training singapore”.

    Many choices! All the popular and successful dog training in Singapore.

  5. There is also what is called a bark collar, which can control bad and excessive barking.

    But this does not mean that older dogs cannot be trained anymore.
    Other problems, such as barking or digging in the yard, are
    issues that can often be taken care of by professional dog
    training schools.

  6. As far as the suitable dog food for your dog is concerned you can consult your veterinary specialist who will also have information and knowledge about the majority of pet food brands in the market.

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