India Web Hosting Fast, SG Web Hosting Sluggish

And I was accessing the sites hosted in Mumbai India from Singapore! I don’t get it. Why Singapore Web hosting companies want to constrict the bandwidth when the whole island has broadband access wired and wireless, ADSL and Cable.

“Singapore Web Hosting Sux!”

I am referring to the Web server I used to host several of my sites using high-end VPS plan. The speed was quite fast initially (about 10 months ago) but over the past few weeks connection deteriorated to 8Kbps when downloading using FTP! I lodged a complaint to the Web hosting provider. I was advised to switch to USA hosting because the Singapore server has limited bandwidth… WTF!

I am not sure whether it’s Flexihostings Singapore not paying enough for a fatter pipe or the Qala Data Centre is choked. Anyway, I had enough of this nonsense. I decided to stop dealing with Flexihostings.

India Web Hosting – Myth Debunked

I think I will host my site with India Web hosting instead. I tested this Web hosting facilities located somewhere near Mumbai, India and get faster throughput than entreprise-level Web servers based in Houston, Texas. I am impressed.

I remembered when I first started using the Internet in 1995, my distributors in India was still using telex. Today, now, Mumbai data centre performs better than that “state-of-the-art facilities located in the west of Singapore

Here’s the Speed Test Results

Sluggish Singapore-based Web hosting at Qala Data Centre – Flexihostings

Speed Testing Qala Data Centre - Flexihostings

Speed Testing Qala Data Centre - Flexihostings

Mumbai-based Data Centre

Speedtest Mumbai Data Centre

Speedtest Mumbai Data Centre

Texas Houston-based Data Centre

Speedtest Houston Data Centre

Speedtest Houston Data Centre

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