People are using Rednano Search

I am surprised! People are actually using to search for information and landed on this blog. Thank you, SPH Search.

Even though the level of traffic from Rednano search is no way near Google, having a couple more visitors to my blog won’t hurt.

You may say I should not compare with Google and you are right. It’s unfair to compare Rednano to Google. But, I cannot help and remember the talk about “supplant the big names of Google and Yahoo as the prime tool for sourcing local information” as reported in the SPH owned The Straits Times on 10 Aug 2007.

So, I must track, monitor and compare the performance of Google vs Rednano and see which search engine is giving more traffic to my .SG blog.

Will I use Rednano to search for information on Singapore?

Probably not.


I didn’t see what I was looking for and I don’t like to be fed with information that is biased to SPH. I feel that this Rednano thing is just another platform for SPH to sell ad space.

The baby is only 4 months old, so let’s wait and see what will happen. Meanwhile, it still for me.


  1. Let’s give them some time. In fact, I have shifted to Singapore from New York and found out Rednano from the local papers. Sounds interesting and thus logged on and gave it a shot. To my surprise, it gave me quite a fair share of useful information about Singapore compared to google and yahoo.

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