Feng Shui Prosperity by Feng Shui Queen

PakuaFeng Shui is a hot search topic in Singapore and Malaysia. A quick check on Google Trends and you will see that Malaysia is ranked No. 1 and Singapore No. 2 for the number searches for the phrase “feng shui”.

Now, there is even a blog specialises in Feng Shui Prosperity

Who is the Feng Shui Queen?

Do you know that the number 1 “feng shui queen” ranked by Google is from Singapore?

Master Lynn Yap, who is based in Singapore, started the site Feng Shui Queen several years ago and has been number 1 for this coveted title – feng shui queen in Google.com.sg search results.

Feng Shui Prosperity Blog

However, if you really want to know this Singapore Feng Shui Queen better then you have to read her Feng Shui Investment blog. I believe she writes this blog personally, so you can really read into her writing style, personality and character.

This feng shui blog talks about feng shui investment or should I say feng shui prosperity. She teaches you how to invest your money with the “right” feng shui – whether it’s real estate, property investment, forex or stock investment.

For those who are interested in the topic of feng shui for prosperity, Lynn Yap’s 2-month old blog is a must read.


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  2. Dear Lynn, I have been following your last few years of predictions. How about 2012? I couldn’t find any. How can I obtain the 2012 predictions?
    Thank you

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