NATAS Travel Fair

Looking forward to the next Natas Fair. As in previous Natas travel fairs, I expect this coming one to be crowded. So I will be going to the Natas Fair at the Singapore Expo on Friday.

NATAS Fair 2014

28 February to 3 March 2014
Singapore Expo
Opening hours: 10am – 9.30pm

Looking for NATAS Fair Promotion

My intention of visiting Natas Fair is to look for hotel package promotion for my trip to Sabah later this year. I have already book cheap air tickets with Malaysia Airlines. Now I have to find out how to spend my 2 weeks in Sabah!

In last year Natas Fair, I remembered visiting several booths offering tours to Sabah and Sarawak, and spoke with a friendly agent based in Kota Kinabalu. Hopefully, I can find some of these tour operators in next week travel fair.

Bhutan: The Next Popular Travel Destination?

Uma Paro BhutanNot many people know about Bhutan, until recently if not for Tony Leung and Carina Lau wedding held at Uma Paro Hotel & Resort.

Bhutan is one of my dream holiday destinations. If you have seen documentaries(by National Geographic and Discovery Channel) on this Dragon Kingdom high up in the Himalaya mountains then you will be like me, captivated by the beauty of its mountain, forest, people and culture.

I wonder if there would be any Bhutan travel package on offer at the Natas Fair next week at the Singapore Expo Hall 4 and 5.


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  2. I think Natas Fair 2011 is going to be crowded. With the government distributing big Ang Pows in May which is in time for spending in June school holiday, I think those popular holidays deals such as Hokkaido, Hong Kong, Tokyo will be snapped out quickly.

  3. For this year, I think tour packages to Japan will be a sell-out in the NATAS fair. Beside Hokkaido tour packages, Kyushu and Tohoku tour packages are getting popular with Singaporeans.

    After visiting Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka a couple of times and if already been to Hokkaido, then you will want to visit Kyushu and Tohoku for the fabulous hot springs and beautiful scenery.

    Hong Kong tour package is still very popular with family, especially visit to the Hong Kong Disneyland.

    And YES, Singaporeans are going places with bigger bonus and the generous ang pow from the government.

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