Why Corporate Blogging?

“Blogs are a nuisance” was what an IT director of a local bank told me 2 years ago. Of course, he was wrong. Corporate blogging is a powerful communication platform of companies big and small.

I decided to write about business blogging now because corporate people are more acceptable to blogging. Blog is no longer percieved as a form of personal online diary or a self-publishing platform just for some teenagers to gain instant fame.

What is a Corporate Blog

A business blog can help your company to communicate with your customers for marketing, branding and public relations purposes.

Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Flickr have corporate blogs.

Perhaps you reason that their business is very web-related. But what about hotelier Bill Marriot, General Motors, Boeing and Kodak? These are among some of the more well-known corporations who believe in the value of creating and maintaining blogs.

Use Your Company Blog to Attract More Traffic

In the former era of static sites, companies laboured over the design and content of their websites, as this is the only way to attract viewers. However, with blogs, you can now actively drive web traffic to your blog as well as your official website.

Let me tell you a SEO secret. It is far easier to rank for a particular keyword with blog than a tradition website.


Because Google loves blogs. Blogs generally are more search engine friendly and has well organized structure which search engine spiders can crawl easily.

With better search engine visibility, traffic to your blog will increase.

Ride the Business Blogging Trend

Suffice to say that business blogging is a trend worth observing and tapping on. Don’t wait till your competitors have jumped on the bandwagon before you learn the advantages and the profit you can reap through business blogging for your company.

Hopefully more Singapore companies will take advantage of corporate blogging to market their business and build successful business online.

Blogs in Plain English

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