Bought at Comex 2008

Out of all the three PC shows I visited this year, I spent the most money at the Comex 2008. Total amount spent exceeded $3,500 for a Sony VAIO SR notebook, a Canon LCD projector and a A4Tech X7 Laser Mouse.

VAIO SR Notebook

After months of deliberating, I finally bought a Sony VAIO SR12G yesterday. I think it the most sleek and beautiful computer I ever owned. I like the new keyboard feel and the mouse is very responsive. Solid feel. I just love it. I can’t help but imagining this VAIO SR is Sony’s version(albeit thicker) of Apple’s MacBook Air.

Sony VAIO SR Pink

@#$%& Windows Vista
However, I am still struggling with the Windows Vista that comes with the SR12G. Is it me getting too old to learn or that piece-of-sh!t is made to frustrate existing Windows XP users?

Canon LCD Projector

I had already used the Canon LCD projector at a seminar last Saturday. It was really easy to use and the projection is simply gorgeous. I particularly like the wide angle zoom lens and the auto Keystone correction.

Canon LCD Projector

Here’s a brief specs of the Canon LCD projector:
– 2500 ANSI lumens
– Genuine Canon, 1.6x wide-angle zoom lens
– Quiet mode 29dB
– Auto Keystone Correction
– Wall color correction
– Ultra-fast startup
– Low fan noise
– Contrast ratio 600:1

A4Tech X7 vs Logitech Cordless Laser Mouse

A4Tech X7 MouseI have been a fan of A4Tech Laser mouse – it was good value for money.

I used the A4Tech X7 for nearly 3 years until this March. I switched to a Logitech Cordless Mouse because I could not find an A4Tech X7 or equivalent at the IT Show earlier this year.

Logitech V320 Cordless MouseI didn’t like the idea of cordless mouse because you’ll need to replace/recharge the battery and the receiver can be quite bulky and get in the way. However, the V320 changed my opinion.

I have been using the V320 since last March and I am really very used to it without knowing it until last Friday when I finally found the A4Tech X7 on sale at the Comex Show.

Logitech Mouse Better

I eagerly opened up my new X7 and plugged in into my notebook. However, I didn’t feel as good as I remembered. The Logitech Cordless V320 feels better than the X7. Well, that’s 45 bucks down the drain – another mouse to be stowed away for “back-up use”.


  1. Hi, i would like to ask you something. I would like to get a macbook from the IT show coming up in march 2009. From your experience, would the prices be cheaper for apple?

  2. I have not bought any Apple product at the IT Show. However, I understand that the price of MacBook is “controlled” so you may not get a cheaper price but the saleperson can offer your more freebies. Check around the various booths selling MacBook and ask for the freebies that are valuable to you.

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