Blogshop – the New Online Shopping Trend?

Blog shop started to appear on the blogosphere in or before 2004. Google began to detect the blog shop trend in later part of 2005 and blogshop, particular in Singapore, took off in the early part of 2008.

The Rise of Social Shopping

Blogshop Google Trend

A quick research on Google will show you there are hundreds of such active online shops operated by most young Singaporeans using free blogs by

Is blogshop a new trend in online shopping or is it just a fad?

A quick check on Google for social shopping related sites indicate that this new phenomenon of leveraging social network and e-commerce is big business and one of the fastest growing industry.

I think if the local government doesn’t interfere by imposing rules such as you have to register your online shop with ACRA, then more young Singaporeans can and will cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit through setting up a simple blog to sell wares of all kinds at little or no cost.

What Do They Sell at Blogshops

Blogshops selling clothing & accessoriesThe most common items sold at blogshops are clothing and accessories.

Many blogshops sell fashion apparel such as dresses, blouses, skirts, jeans and accessories such as handbags, belts, necklaces, earrings and handmade jewellery.

You will find many of the merchandise are competitively priced. You can buy a cute little dress for less than $10(SGD). The low cost appeals to many teenagers.

Beside cute clothing for teenagers, you will also find toys and electronics, cosmetic, skincare product and even health supplements.

How Do They Transact at Blogshops

There is no need for payment gateway or even Paypal. Payments are made using Internet banking funds transfer or ATM funds transfer. The item is then send via local postal mail or you can pay a little more for registered mail.

Many blogshop owners will also meet up at public places such as MRT stations and shopping centres to deliver your purchases and collect cash payment.

To find out more about blogshops in Singapore, go check out the listing at or Peggy Chang’s latest featured blogshops.


  1. Hey, thanks for your reply!

    I emailed them and they say the winners have been notified and the prizes have been sent out, but there’re no announcements…

    And of the 4 other people I’ve contacted, none of them have won it either.


  2. Hi Wendy,

    May they really had. But still, they should not be lazy to publish the winners in the official site.

    10 shortlisted, 3 must get prizes, 7 must not get prizes. And you manage to contact 5 other (6 including yourself) person who did not win!? Contact 1 more and you should kana a winner lah! Otherwise, they were lying.

    “prizes have been sent out”? I thought in the Terms and Conditions we must collect the prizes at

    Vintedge Pte Ltd
    10 Anson Road, #10-26
    International Plaza
    Singapore (079903)

    Did you email the “promoter” or Samsung?

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