HDB Resale Price Up 4.2%

I was not interested in the 1.8% fall in private home prices in ST headlines. It is the increase in the prices of HDB resale flats that I am concerned about. Resale flat prices went up by 4.2% in Q3 2008.

HDB Resale Price Rose 4.2% in Q3

I will be moving to a new HDB flat in Tampines very soon and have to sell away my current flat.

So an increase of 4.2% in HDB resale flat prices is good news to me. This seemingly small percentage increase could actually translate in to several thousands of dollar; more than enough to cover your property agent fees.

A 4.2% increase for a $300,000 flat will result in an additional $12,600.

Home Prices Index

HDB resale prices

Looking at the price index chart above, it seems unlikely that the HDB resale prices will continue to go up. If I don’t sell off my current flat quickly, I may “lose” money in 3 to 6 months’ time.

How to Market Your Own HDB Resale Flat

I intend to sell my flat without using the service of property agent.

I have done it before – about 20 years ago when I helped my dad to sell his 4-room flat at Telok Blangah Rise. At that time the buyer also did not use a property agent so I had to help both the buyer and the seller of the flat.

Here’s how I will market my resale flat:

  • Put up a website to showcase my HDB resale flat
  • List my property at major property portals
  • Advertise at ST Property Classifield Ads

The first thing to do when you intend to sell your flat is to visit HDB website and learn what you need to do to “Selling Your Flat” on your own.

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  1. pls do not be fooled by the rising hdb price trends.once the full recession impacts,the working man’s pocket will be hit hard.already now, factories in china are closing down and companies in the west are re-structuring and cutting staff and costs.this will snowball into the singapore market and the same will happen.hdb prices are set to crash beginning march.its going to be a buying market.best to sell and to rent fr a year and wait since rentals are falling steeply.new freehold katong boutique condo going at $400,000!!!watch out my fellow citizens, dun get caught!

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