Who’s Joe the Plumber?

Does Singaporean care who is Joe the plumber? This “Joe-the-plumber” was mentioned 13 times in the 3rd US Presidential Debate ended just minutes ago.

If you do care, here’s an interview with Joe-the-plumber

[youtube vFC9jv9jfoA]

The Third and Final US Presidential Debate 2008

I have been following the US Presidential Debates and thinks this third and final debate interesting. For one, these two presidential candidates were less 罗嗖 this time, not repeating as much what have been said before.

McCain’s Lying?

McCain touched his nose - Presidential Debate 2008

I thought Barack Obama performed better. John McCain was touching his nose when trying to explain/defend his position and that gesture suggested to me that he was not sure or even trying to lie!

McCain: “I didn’t say that…”

[youtube x4n024Gtj5c]

First Sarah Palin, Now Joe-the-Plumber

But then again, Joe the plumber is not the average the working class. He may be a self-employed thinking of becoming a business owner and he is richer than the average working Americans. Does the working class who has difficulty making ends meet care about buying up business?

I think McCain’s use of Joe the plumber is weak and may well be back-fired, just like the case of Sarah Palin. My opinion is that McCain is not good at using the right people at the right time/place.

Here’s more articles on Joe-the-Plumber:

Update Nov 4, 2008: Barrack Obama won. He becomes the first African American President of USA.

[youtube Anb5eO0X6RQ]

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