Cheap Divorce Lawyers in Singapore

More people are googling for cheap divorce lawyers in Singapore. How do I know? I posted a short article on divorce lawyers earlier this year and am seeing more visitors to that page.

From the Google Analytics results, it is confirmed that more people were looking for cheap divorce lawyers than good divorce lawyers.

Here’s the percentage…

Cheap Divorce Lawyers vs Good Divorce Lawyers

Marriage Counselling May Be Cheaper

As I’ve mentioned in my previous article on Divorce Lawyer, it may be less expensive to mend the relationship with couselling to resolve differences and conflicts than to look for a cheap divorce lawyer in Singapore.


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  2. I would like to find out the charges for a cheaper lawyer for divorce case as I am currently jobless. I have 3 kids and a maid, and will also like to find out if we want to divorce, is there really a need for separation?

    Please advise, thanks.

  3. hi my name is sharon. i would know how much is the divorce. we have married for 1 year plus. And i have 2 kids. they are still small. do i need to do any separation or what. please let me know asap. thanks

  4. hi my name is coco from china and marry on 2005 to now , i would like to know how the process of the divorce and we both no objection. and how long can get re- marry.

  5. My cousin few year agos registered with a china lady at spore . After register the girl told need to going back for family visit. End up never coming back to singapore. My auntie was call me assist my cousin settle on this divorce first so that my cousin able marry another person.
    Can u assist on this?

  6. i have make my disscission of getting divorce with my wife , we have alreadly agreed to end end the the process as fast as possible . hopefully u can give give the answer soon & the cost .Thanks for helping

  7. I need a lawyer for divorce. Kindly advise if I can get a cheap and good lawyer for uncontested case.

  8. I married for 1.5 year and suffered from huge depression from both my husband and his family! I want to devoice with him asap. Need professional help. Please help to recommend me a good and cheap lawyer. Thanks.

  9. I need a lawyer for divorce. Kindly advise if I can get a less expensive legal assistance for uncontested case. Children are all grown up above 21 years of age

  10. Hi, I need to know how much is the cheapest cost for divorce and cost of separation case. Its a uncontested case, both party agreed on maintenance, kids and house. Thanks

  11. I will like to make enquiry on separation procedure and chargers. I am a Singaporean, married on 10 May 2013. We owned a bto hdb. I’m 33 yr old this year. I can’t file for divorce now as I will like to keep this house. I have a stable income and I’m the one paying for the housing loan , renovation loan and household expenses. My husband did not do a part to make any contribution to this house. He is a taxi driver and bankruptcy. He gamble a lot and I had helped him more than 100k over this 5yrs of relationship. It had a lot of loan and outstanding from a few banks. I really hope to put a stop right now on our current relationship status. Pls advice, how to go about the procedure, costing and duration.

  12. Dear Person-In-Charge,

    Kindly advise my mum would like to file divorce with my dad. But one party file can be done? What’s the total process charges?
    Don’t need maintenance fees and kids is above 30 years old. Only for flat.

    Looking forward in receiving your favorable reply

  13. Hi i want to hiw much you charge for a divorce. I m married under civil marriage. Was arrangenby someone. Now i want to file a divorce. We hv not been staying to ever since i m married with him. He is back in India. Pls advice. Thank you

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