Online Flower Delivery in Singapore

Flowers & VaseWhen helping a Singapore florist to optimize his site. I asked if we should target online florist Singapore or online flower delivery in Singapore. And he said flowers.

But, that’s wrong and I’ll tell you why.

One-word terms such as “flowers” or “florists” are too generic.

Understanding the Buying Cycle

People who use these one-word terms are researching on the topic flower. Even for people looking to buy flowers, in sales speak, they will fall in the very early stage of the buying cycle – they are not ready to buy yet.

Whereas someone who enters “online flower delivery in singapore” knows what he is looking for and is likely to be a customer.

You can read more about keyword selection and the buying cycle at Yahoo Search Marketing Tutorial on Generating Sales: Selecting Keywords.

How Keyword Length Affects Conversion Rate

There are many keyphrases that online florists can target beside the ultra competitive one-word terms and two-word phrases. Study on How Keyword Length Affects Conversion Rate by indicated that 3-word and 4-word phrases returned the best conversion rates.

So the phrases online florist singapore and online flower delivery singapore will give you higher chances to attract paying customers to your web pages than say the generic flowers which attract casual surfers who simply burn up your bandwidth or (unlikely but possible) choke up your Web server to prevent other visitors who are ready to buy from accessing your site.

Keyword Length vs Conversion Rate

Keywords List for Online Florist

So what phrases should you target to attract visitors who are ready to buy flowers and related gifts such as hampers, bears and chocolate. Here’s a Singapore SEO company who are too willing to show off their client’s keywords list. Go study the list below.

Flowers Related Phrases


  1. Well, if you can target all the 2-, 3- and 4-word phrases then theoretically you have it 75% covered.

    Usually 3-word and 4-word phrases are easy to get into the first page than 2-word phrases. These longer phrases are like the low hanging fruits so you want to pick them up and make some money first.

    Then use your profit to work your way up with the 2-word phrases and eventually 1-word terms.

    You will still dominate the market but with smaller initial capital.

    That’s a common sense strategy, right?

  2. Good strategy indeed! I was reading a book on SEO and this guy advises that to see the results of getting well ranked for specific phrases/words, whether it is 2-word or 4-word, one needs to exercise patience. Yes, by then you will be plucking the low hanging fruits of your labour. This is indeed a good revelation!

  3. The strategy is usually to use long-tail keywords to build Tier 2 and Tier 3 pages, and get them ranked high in search engines first. If your bunch of Tier 2 and Tier 3 pages start ranking high, Google will start to take your site more seriously, and you will have a good chance of winning the 1-word, 2-word keywords on your homepage. In fact, it should happen naturally as your site matures with lots of long-tail keywords content focused pages.

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  5. Big talk for someone who never show us any evidence of conversation rate for that particular industry.

    The conversion rate for florist is very high.

  6. How high is “very high”? Compare with what? Are you really talking about conversion rate or you were thinking of CTR?

    What’s the point of evidence from me? Do you really believe in what I’ve written so far?

    Go try ask Google for the numbers.

    Anyway, I will entertain you with some numbers because you posted so many comments since this morning.

    If you are referring to my AdWords campaign targeting Singapore traffic only, the CPA for florist(broad match) was between $12 to $30 from July 2007 to March 2008. The conversion was less than 0.8%. A conversion rate of 0.8% is high when compares with 0.5% but not so high when you can achieve >2% with multi-term keywords and at a lower CPA.

    You are commenting from an IP address of SPH, same as Jordan Neil who commented on my Rednano posts 2 hours ago.

    Did SPH hire people to comment on a small little blog like this one?

    Are you Jordan Neil or JT?

  7. The problem I face is this, singapore IP takes precedent to rank in Singapore and I suffered because my principal is USA base. I’m negotiating to be hosted in Singapore but that would set example for others to break out of their web

  8. Those who state a single word keyword, don’t know how their potential customer search. Usually it is good that customer is advice so that they can correct it.

    The other way is for SEO guy to do keyword research and present it to the florist for approval.

  9. Flowers are considered to be a way of showing your love towards another person. Women likes men who send flowers to them, because flowers represent the love. That is why flower delivery online is an excellent way for you to order flowers for your love once.

  10. I definitely agree with you, searches with long key phrases are really looking to buy than compared to the more generic searches. Thanks for pointing this out to us.

  11. Really, I love to read your content. I agree you and this is the best practice to find a good florist in Singapore. Your keyword lists are too good. Thanks for sharing nice information.

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