SITEX 2008 Singapore

SITEX probably stands for Singapore IT EXpo will be held from 27 Nov to 1 Dec 2008 at the Singapore Expo. You may not want to visit the official site SITEX 2008 – Your Digital Playground because you won’t get much information there except for the dates and lots of colorful icons and banners.

Blogs on SITEX 2008

I think you will be better off using Google to search for blogs on the next PC show in Singapore.

Here’s some blogs already talking about SITEX 2008:

SITEX 2008

Actually, I feel that the buzz on this year SITEX, despite the 20th anniversary, is much toned down compared to SITEX 2006 or even the earlier IT Show 2008(March 2008), PC Show 2008(June 2008) and COMEX 2008(August 2008).

Do you think the economic downturn is causing the scale back in promotion? Or maybe it’s still too early – we still have 10 more days to go!

The more important question is…

Are you going to shop at the SITEX 2008?

[youtube jzqGDJpAUyQ]


  1. As a Singaporean, we are likely to go and seek out bargains at SITEX 2008 happening at Singapore Expo. I am already thinking of getting a good quality scanner. Economic Crisis will not stop the crowd flocking there this weekend.

  2. Hi SITEX 2008 Fan,

    We need more people to spend money to get the economy growing again. Go buy your scanner.

    What model of scanner are you looking at? With slide scanning feature? Any recommendation?

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