How To Build A Simple Site

Discover this video on how to build a simple site – Introduction to Drupal. It is a funny video, yet very useful for me to understand what I can do with Drupal. If you are like me, looking for information on Drupal and Joomla and trying to figure out which CMS should I use… “Should I use Drupal or Joomla?” then you have to take a look at this video!

[dailymotion x4gfqu]


  1. I tried Drupal and Joomla, and out of the box, Drupal is so much friendlier than Joomla, but extensions and support wise, not yet.

    I think its a good time to pick up Drupal now. 🙂 Just like WordPress 3 years ago.

  2. Hi Kian Ann,

    I just did a Google Trends on drupal vs joomla. Apparently, Joomla is much more popular than Drupal. However, I think I will spend a little more time with Drupal to learn and test things out during the Dec hols.

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