Rednano – where is it heading?

It’s been 4 months since I last wrote about Rednano – the Singapore search engine which was launched 6 months ago. I just checked it traffic statistics at and, the numbers show that Rednano is going nowhere.

Website Traffic Ranking by


Website Traffic Ranking by

Rednano Traffic Rankings by Compete

Look at the charts above.

The trend of should be going up like, right?

After spending millions on the project, I think this is… never mind.

Maybe, it will be another ST701-like story – it will take a couple of revamps and more off-line advertising to ramp up the traffic. SPH is really loaded, you know. However, they don’t seem to learn quick enough.

So much for the chicken rice search, pie search and the the talk about “supplant the big names of Google and Yahoo as the prime tool for sourcing local information” as reported in the SPH owned The Straits Times on 10 Aug 2007.

Talk is cheap but search engines are not.


  1. Rednano advertises on Google AdWords to drive traffic to the Rednano Directory… keywords e.g. food

    AdWords Screenshot: Click Here

    I guess they will buy popular keywords based on the searches performed at

    I think it’s free to get into Rednano directory. I have several of my domains and also my clients’ domains listed in the directory.

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