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Flowers & VaseI realized that many of the online flower shops in Singapore are so similar! They look almost alike! It would hard to tell one online flower shop from another – go google for flowers or florist and look at the top 10 sites.

Flower shop bloomdale

Flower shop fareastflora Flower shop orchardflorist

Flower shop joaquims Flower shop angelflorist

Flower shop hummings Flower shop prince

Flower shop 24hrscityflorist Flower shop intervivos

What’s Wrong With Designs That Look Alike

Maybe you’ll disagree with me that the pictures above look different. The color schemes are different. The flowers are different.

But to the untrained eyes and people who buy flowers occasionally – on Valentine’s Day and girl friend’s birthday, your online flower shop will look just like another one to them.

Can you recognize which one of the above screen shot is Far East Flora?

So as far as branding is concerned – failed. And it’s ok because your competitors got the same problem!


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