#1 Feng Shui Blog

Singapore Feng Shui Blog by Lynn YapThe Feng Shui Queen made it to the Google #1 for the search terms Singapore feng shui blog. She has been using her blog to keep in touch with her clients and I think she is doing an excellent job – using the latest technology to promote ancient Chinese wisdom!

Guess who’s at the #2 position? Me lor!

#1 Feng Shui blog

Feng Shui Blog – Optimized!

I blogged about the Feng Shui Queen when I stumbled upon her blog several months ago. I did not intentionally optimize for feng shui blog. I thought feng shui prosperity was a better keyphrase.

I missed that opportunity the last time and I will make it up this time. Here, this article will be optimized for #1 feng shui blog.


  1. Hi Master Lynn,

    My friend had bought me a laughing buddha sitting on the chair. May i know where should i place it in the house?

    Pls advice.

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