eBay Workshop by Mark Yoong

I am posting this as I’m attending the eBay Workshop by Mark Yoong. The morning session was fantastic – it really opened my eyes on eBay selling. Oh, yes! the training place is pretty high-tech – look at all those projectors and screens. It’s lunch break now and the food tastes really good…

eBay Workshop

The beef rendang was fabulicious and the dessert – sea coconut… sweet…nice!

Case Studies on Top eBay Sellers from Singapore

Mark gave some very good case studies and discuss the strategies used by 3 of the Top eBay sellers from Singapore. And currently this is the biggest seller from Singapore…


Largest Watch Store on eBay by Singapore Seller

PokeMonyu, this is the user name of the largest eBay seller from Singapore which sells watches at $0.01 (1 cent) starting price!

Go check out this largest watch sellers in Singapore and get your Casio and Seiko watches!

eBay Workshop Group Photo


  1. I have yet to add real content to the site.

    Yeah, it will take some time and more effort to SEO and SEM such a store before the right traffic comes gushing in. :mrgreen:

    Textual content can be added in a number of ways:

    1. Above the listing
    2. Below the listing
    3. More article pages e.g. Why Coach Bags Are Popular?

    eBay Affiliate Store Software

    BANS eBay Affiliate store software is not too difficult to use, just read and follow the PDF guides provided.

    It comes with 3 templates and you can customize and create your own too by tweaking the styles.css, header.php and footer.php. Very much like WordPress template.

    If you have the time, with your WordPress experience, phpBay may be a better option for you.

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