Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Trekking

Bukit Timah Trekking 30 Nov 2008I had been to the top of Bukit Timah hill many times but today is my first trek at Bukit Timah nature reserve. We did not take the usual route but the more difficult off-the-map route which took me nearly 3 hours to complete.

This Bukit Timah trek organised by Kian Ann was more challenging than my usual 11km route around MacRitchie Reservoir. I think the trees at Bukit Timah are taller than those at MacRitchie Reservoir. And the beautiful scenery… Singapore Quarry view from Seraya Hut is stunning.

Singapore Quarry view from Seraya Hut

Singapore Mountain Spring Water?

This stream at Bukit Timah may well be Singapore very own mountain spring water – no NEWater added.

Natural mountain spring water in Singapore

The kids don’t get the chance to play with such natural “longkang” water anymore.

See more of my Bukit Timah Trekking Photos at Flickr.

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