Singapore Song – Things So Singaporean

Things so SingaporeanIt will be very un-Singaporean of me if I dun blog this very Singapore song – Things So Singaporean. I discovered this song at Kian Ann’s blog. I think this Singlish song, composed and sung by Ann Hussein and lyric by Judith d’Siliva, should be one of our NDP songs from now on!

Go click the play button and listen to it and write your thoughts in the comment box below.

[youtube BIW7i0UT5j0]

This Youtube video is probably one of the best way to sell Singapore as a multi-racial city with rich cultures plus all the shopping and makan places. Singapore Tourism Board can use this video and save millions of dollar to attract more visitors to Singapore!


  1. Wow!! Finally a Quality SIngapore song…..should go Global…
    Who’s the singer? Is she Singaporean….Sounds Pro!!

  2. Congratulations! Judith, this is so true and so good. We are all so proud of you to present our tiny little dot in such a delightful song.

    Tin chie (NJC ’69)

  3. Oh God! I hate to say, but the song is horrid! Horrid! Horrid! I can’t believe Judith wrote that! And Ann Hussein composed it?!?! What were they smoking? The video was sentimental but I had to turn the volume down to nothing. The song really goes no where. It isn’t even elevator music. This is very sad ….. very disappointing 🙁

  4. Fantastic reflection of our ways of life. They should play this song during NDP.

    Beats this year’s official National Day theme song by Electrico hands down!!!

    Well done Judith and Ann Hussein.

  5. I love this song.
    I wished they include the inconvenience of the ERPs.
    I am Lovie, from Temasek Primary.
    My school had the best singers when we played the song on national day celebrations.
    I bet the tourists at the Merlion can hear us!!!

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