8MP Camera Phones Shootout

Samsung PixonToday, Digital Life features what I’ve been looking forward to – the latest 8MP camera phones review on the LG Renoir, Samsung Innova8, Samsung Pixon and Sony Ericsson C905. And according to the author, the winner is Sony Ericsson C905 aka Cybershot C905.

Why the Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

All the 4 camera phones were tested for outdoors, close-up, low-light and fast-motion shots. The Sony C905 came up first in 3 of the categories and third for fast-motion or action photography. The 2 seconds shutter lag seemed to be quite a problem. However, if you want sharp picture with the right exposure and color temperature then Sony C905 is the champion.

Samsung Pixon M8800

Samsung Pixon M8800

The Samsung scored #1 for fast-motion photography, #2 for outdoors and low-light, and #3 for close-up shot. From the series of 4 test, I would think it ranked #2 overall.

If you are looking for the fastest 8MP camera phone then the Samsung Pixon’s 1 second shutter response will ensure that you don’t miss that fleeting moment.

Samsung Pixon Hands-on

LG Renoir

LG RenoirThe LG Renoir KC910 is the weakest of all. The Renoir was #4 for outdoors, close-up and low-light. In terms of response, it is #2 – just a fraction of a second slower than the Pixon.

It is apparent that if you are going for the sharpest and fastest 8MP camera phone then the $888 LG Renoir will not be the like candidate because you can get the Pixon for $10 more and the C905 for an additional $50.

Prices of 8MP Camera Phones

The following are retail prices in Singapore Dollars without contract:

  • Price of Sony Ericsson C905 – $938
  • Price of Samsung Pixon M8800 – $898
  • Price of Samsung Innov8 i8510 – $1,098
  • Price of LG Renoir KC910 – $999

8MP Camera Phones Shootout Results

8MP Camera Phones Shootout Result

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