Wrong Wind for RSAF

An apparent AdWords campaign went wrong for the Republic of Singapore Air Force or RSAF recruitment drive.

Blogopreneur suggested the probable relationship between MSI Wind and RSAF:

MSI Wind => Gadget => Technology => Air Force => Career

RSAF Recruitment AdWords

MSI Wind and RSAF Pilot

If this works, an ad for “teddy bears” can be probably selling rare Italian bred spiders!
— Blogopreneur

What’s the chance of someone looking for the netbook – MSI Wind, is also looking to become a RSAF pilot?

I could feel that grimace in my face when I first read about RSAF putting up such an irrelevant ad. Earlier this year, it was google SMU gets NTU AdWords fiasco, now its google MSI Wind, be a RSAF Pilot.

Is it Google’s AdWords is really stupid or the people who manage the PPC campaign?

Someone must have got it wrong – using traditional advertising concept on the Internet and expect Google algorithm is smart enough to relate wind with being an air force pilot.

Here’s what you will see when you click at the “Looking at Gadgets?” sponsored link ad:
RSAF Recruitment Ad

Help Save Some Defense Budget for Search Marketing Training

Please don’t go google for “msi wind” and click at the ad so that we can save some of the defense budget and use it to train our RSAF personnel in search marketing.


  1. Hey there,

    Good last-liner….. Very entertaining to read your overview of these sites, Sir…..
    Will keep in mind the advice on the last line….HEHEHE!!!!


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