IT Show 2009 Buzz Already Started

It’s not even February yet and the organizer of IT Show Singapore has already advertised numerous times in the Straits Times and other local newspaper.

The IT Show will be from 12 to 15 March 2009 at Suntec Singapore.

Typically, home electronics and computer and IT shows will advertise in the newspapers and local TV station a week or 2 prior to the event. So I find it a bit “strange” that the buzz started early this year.

Maybe it’s because of the economic downturn that prompted the event organizer to advertise heavily so that potential exhibitors will come attend the IT Show.

But ONE thing is for sure, I will be more careful to spend money on these electronic gadgets and I will definitely look for the best bargain at the show.

IT Show 2009 Hot Pick: The Netbook

I will say the Netbook aka UMPC will be the hot item for this year IT Show.


It’s most affordable!

And it’s not difficult to justify buying a cheap, light-weight, mobile computer even if you already have a desktop computer at home and use a laptop at work.

The Netbook is for you to carry around and use it in the car or the train!

So, what are you buying at the IT Show? Laptop? Computer accessories? Or just go and see what to buy?


  1. Yes I think NetBooks will still continue to be quite hot for this year. In fact, looking at the prices of hardware now, I think it will not be long before companies start to use Netbook + big monitor screen + keyboard.

    That combination will cost less than $1000 and its ultraportable!

  2. Hey wassup nice site! Hopefully this year’s IT show won’t be so crowded.. just in time for out gst credits!

    @Kian I agree, In fact, with the ION patforms comming out soon, It’s just a matter of time. There was a demo which showed an atom processor with the ION chipset encoding a DVD and playing hi-def video at the same time!

  3. @Dren The money will be paid on 1 March 2009 to my POSB account and I can use it to buy my gadgets at this year IT Show.

    Methink the crowd will still be there; maybe they’ll just spend less.

  4. hi all.. i am looking to buy a tv… wats the recommendation? i am totally clueless as this is 1st time i buying… wats there to look out for??

  5. The chinese brand is cheap for 32 to 42″ if you have budget constrain.

    I also looking for a netbook and so far BenQ is on my list but if I can bargain to get 2G ram upgrade, that will be a good buy.. 8)

  6. is the coming up IT fair have camera fair?? im wondering.. coz im looking forward to get a cheap SLR. how do u guys think? thanks a lot for sharing this information

  7. thanks Wazzup for the information… not digital camera, but DSLR will be showing as well rite?? so will u be there??

  8. i believe u have visited the fair today,, is it confirm 11-14 Jun 2009 at the Suntec City?? how is it going on today?

  9. tmrw i only want to go,just flight back from KL today he he… wish me luck of my shopping list 😛 DSLR camera n maybe lens n handycam 😛

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