My IT Show 2009 Shopping List

Today, I went shopping and it was impulsive shopping at Challenger Hougang Mall. I should have waited for the IT Show 2009 for some of the items e.g. 4-port USB hub.

I tend to shop at the IT Show more than the other 3 shows… PC Show, Comex and SITEX because it is the first IT & Home Electronics trade show of the year.

So here’s what I want to buy:

  • 32″ LCD TV
  • DVD HDD Recorder
  • External DVD Burner
    – the new Asus External Slim DVD Drive SDRW-08D1S-U
    Asus External Slim SDRW-08D1S-U
  • Small Form Factor (SFF) PC

Best Sellers at the IT Show

I guess beside the Netbook, accessories for the Netbook would be also the best sellers. People will need external DVD burner to install software, burner photo albums and more. Well, I definitely need one for my little eee PC.

So what are you buying at this year IT Show?


  1. Prices of Apple products are “controlled”. So you may not get a lower price. But you can shop around at the IT Show to look for which vendors offer you the most useful and valuable freebies.

  2. Hi good am, may i know how much will be the price run of acer & asus latops mini in the Pc show thanks can u please email the answer thanks. . . . . ..

  3. If you were to buy an hdtv, which brand would you prefer in terms of durability? Which brand usually drops the lowest in price during IT shows?

  4. hi do you know when the next consumer electronics show is? between august to nov any? becos i want to buy a macbook.

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