Female Plastic Surgeons in Singapore

Desperately looking for female plastic surgeons? Apparently there are very few woman doctors in Singapore who specialize in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Why No Female Plastic Surgeon in Singapore

According to Dr Cheng’s blog, two sisters “had been desperately looking for a female cosmetic surgeon to help them get rid of their unwanted fat for years!”

It was surprising that even Google could not help them to locate some female plastic surgeons in Singapore. The closest female surgeon who could help them to remove unwanted fats was in Indonesia.

Maybe it’s because there are too few female doctors and even fewer female surgeons in Singapore.

Maybe MOH should get NUS to accept more women to study medicine.

Men Fare Better Women in the Look-Good Industry

Top fashion designers are men. Top makeup artists are men. Top plastic surgeons in Singapore are men e.g. Wuffles Wu, Ivor Lim,…

Also most women prefer male gynaecologists.

Even though there is demand for female plastic surgeons and female doctors, there are a lot more women prefer a man doctor or couldn’t care less if their doctors were men or women.

If you came to this blog looking for a female plastic surgeon to help you remove unwanted fat, go visit Simply Aesthetic website:


and they have a female doctor who might be able to make you look slimmer and prettier.

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