Fishing With Willie

Fishing With WillieOnce upon a time, I went fishing with Willie in the sea around Pulau Aur off Mersing. I think I went fishing with him 3 or more times and my group enjoyed every fishing trips despite having the horrendous experience of engine broke down with no land in sight. That was more than 10 years ago.

We used to charter a boat from Mersing and stayed on Pulau Dayang. Then Willie would take us to fishing spot where we would hook up bait fish to attract bigger fishing. We spent the entire day on the boat fishing with Willie.

This June, I intend to go deep sea fishing again. And I am looking for fishing kaki.

But I lost Willie’s contact. I searched for Willie using Google, no luck. Then my brother found his web page,

I called him earlier today and he remembered my name!

It was nice to be remembered. I mean he brought so many people to go fishing and he actually remembered us. He recalled vividly that trip when one member of our group forgot her passport when we were already at the Causeway.

Maybe that’s the reason why I still look for him when I wanted to go fishing in Malaysia.

I am posting his contact here (screenshot from his website above) for those trying to look for him and also for my own record.

Fishing with Willie Contact Details

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