Lumix LX3

Lumix LX3I am very happy with my Panasonic Lumix LX3. I bought it last October. The LX3 takes great picture and has been my “default” camera ever since. I like the fast ultra-wide angle zoom lens by Leica – 24-60mm/F2.0-2.8 (35mm equiv.).


I used it to take landscape, scenery, sunset, people, food and etc.

Landscape open field

Kundasang roadside stall

Beef @ Waraku Restaurant

More and better resolution pictures at my Flickr LX3 Photostream.


  1. been aiming for this model too..but the price just won’t come down!

    btw.. they have a G1 model.. is it better?

    For me…DSLR is not for me.. i am not into photography and thus I have no patience to learn all the DSLR intricacies..

    I just need a GOOD point and shoot camera and I think LX3 is the ONE.

  2. The Panasonic G1 is closer to a DSLR. It can use interchangeable lenses.

    The LX3 biggest “drawback” as a point and shoot camera is the narrow zoom range. With the limited range, it’s hard to get good shots of birds and insects.

    I recommend MS Color if you are looking for the best price in town. More info LX3 price at Kian Ann’s Trekking Forum.

  3. But G1 is also a point and shoot camera right?

    For LX3, if I’m not doing macro shots like insects or flowers, more like scenic and people shots, that will be fine?


  4. ok, but I will wait for next 2 PC shows to see if the price drop or not..haha

    You brought it up to Mt KK? it survived the ordeal? ha

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