My Vista Died so I Installed Ubuntu

In less than 6 months of using Windows Vista on my brand new VAIO, Vista died one morning and refused to boot because it detected a hardware error. I think Vista is a piece of shit and makes Sony VAIO a shitty piece of hardware. When I finally got hold on a Ubuntu CD and installed on the same machine, it work fine.

So it’s not the hardware fault. And it definitely cannot be me, the user’s fault. And I don’t remember having such problem with Windows XP for the past 5 years.

I love the simple and quick installation of Ubuntu. In fact it take less time than try to re-install Vista using the recovery DVDs.

I decided I will give Ubuntu a try for the next 6 months. It will not going to be easy to switch to Linux after using Microsoft OS for the last 20 years!


  1. You got the hardware error related to HDD right?

    I got it with HP laptop too.. went to HP center for repair, they find nothing wrong, wipe out my HDD and do clean install again..

    later i went google for info.. realised its a known VISTA prob.. real shitty OS.. waiting for windows7! haha

  2. Yeah… some hardware related problem reported by Vista but no problem when I installed Ubuntu 9.04.

    Windows 7… hopefully it’s less shitty and MShit should replace Vista with a working piece of Windows 7 and pay me for beta testing Vista!

  3. Hi Shi, you are absolutely right, Vista not just piece of shit, to me is a failure product by MS. This is also why they launching Windows 7 so fast. However don’t give so high expectation for that. Hehe you may want to consider to use Apple – Mac 🙂 We intended to change 1 by 1 for all our company computers to Mac.

  4. Eh! Learn Ubuntu and then teach me ok? 🙂

    I tried Ubuntu a couple of years back. Then I chickened out and went back to Windows. 😀

  5. Now that most of the apps are on the cloud, there is very little need for MS Windows. The latest version of Ubuntu 9.04 is amazingly easy to learn. And if you encounter any problem, it’s only a few google clicks away.

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