MSI X-Slim X340 Launch at Vivocity

MSI X-Slim X340I was invited to the MSI X-Slim X340 launch event at Vivocity yesterday. The organizer of the event was giving away a brand new MSI X340 and there was probably 50 people at the Serenity Restaurant, Vivocity. The lucky draw was the main reason I went. The X340 looks very much like the MacBook Air but at less than half the price!

MSI X-Slim X340 Lauch @ Vivocity on 1 Jun 2009

MSI X340 Review

There many MSI X340 reviews already and you can find them with Google and read all about the pro and con.

Even Engadget has featured several articles on this gorgeous looking machine. So I would not say much on the MSI X340 except… I want it.

The MSI X340 Launch

So let’s talk about the X340 launch event organised by Corbell Technology.

I think the organizer should not have let me waited nearly an hour before they started making the presentation. People were already getting bored and doing their own things. I think we all came for the lucky draw and really want to get over with it…

X340 Lucky Draw

Who Else Wanted The X-Slim X340? Black or White?

Black or White X-Slim X340The X-Slim X340 is really a desirable machine and I really like the white one… it is sexy but pricey at $1,599.

I was telling myself that if the X340 were to cost S$1,200 inclusive of a external DVD writer then I will go make some money to get one.

[Updated on 11 Jun 2009] MSI X-Slim X340 price dropped to S$1,388 at the PC Show. But, still too pricey for me, maybe it would go down to S$1,188 at the next Comex 2009.

Indeed, when I was researching to write this blog post, I discovered e-retailer in the US is already selling it for US$799. This is about S$1,200 and at this price I believe it can attract high-end netbook consumers – especially the ladies.

Yes, I will wait for a couple months for the price to drop and then get one so that I can carry it around – not worrying about the weight and battery life.

And did I tell you that the LED display looks really good?

[youtube wGkCSxxo81E]

[Updated on 2 Jul 2009] The official list price of X340 is now $1,388 so the street price is even lower now. I am really tempted to pull out my credit card….


  1. The MSI X340 looks really slim eh! For $1200 (with Centrino Processor), it looks like a pretty good buy notebook for the mobile professional who needs a better resolution than the 1024×600 provided by most netbooks.

    But too bad. Its Vista OS. I think they’ll probably sell better with XP. 😀

  2. I was at the IT Show, this afternoon. The price of the MSI X340 have dropped to $1258.00. Perhaps when it drop further to $1200.00 inclusive with the external DVD writer.

    I will buy it for the slim look of this model.

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