Starhub MaxMobile Prepaid USB Modem

Huawei E1750 USB modemMy M1 Mobile Broadband contract will expire in 2 weeks’ time and I was told there will be no more 50% discount on the price plan. That’s as good as telling me to switch to Singtel or Starhub. After some research, I decided that I will go for the Starhub MaxMobile Prepaid. And it would be 7.2Mbps data plan with the $149 $98 Starhub mobile broadband modem.

The Starhub MaxMobile Prepaid bundle promotion includes a Huawei E1750 USB modem (HSDPA 7.2Mbps/HSUPA 5.6Mbps) and Prepaid SIM card plus 2 additional $6 top-up cards and it costs only $149 $98. The Huawei E1750 USB Modem is priced at CNY800(about S$171) so I thought there must be a catch for Starhub to offer the 7.2Mbps mobile broadband prepaid bundle at such low price!

Maybe the Starhub E1750 is locked and cannot accept other service provider SIM cards.

Tested M1 Mobile Broadband SIM Card in Starhub Mobile Broadband Modem

So I set out to test my new Starhub mobile broadband modem, Huawei E1750, with my exisiting M1 Mobile Broadband SIM card which I have been using for the past 1 year in the M1’s Vodafone E220 USB Modem.

With the Vodafone E220 USB modem, all the settings were configured nicely for M1 SIM card so I have no idea how to configure it for the E1750. Luckily, after some googling I found the M1 settings at

Here’s the screen shots on the value to enter for the Starhub’s Huawei E1750 USB modem:

M1 mobile broadband settings

  • Dial Number: *99#
  • Username:
  • Password: ppp

Also, ensure that both CHAP and PAP are not selected in the Advanced settings.

M1 mobile broadband settings advanced

Once connected, the DNS are:

The M1 mobile broadband SIM card can actually work with my new Starhub MaxMobile Prepaid modem!

Starhub MaxMobile USB Modem is Not Locked

So the Starhub E1750 USB modem is unlocked.


How about Singtel Mobile Broadband?

Connection settings for Singtel Mobile Broadband:

1. Number to dial is *99#
2. DNS to use is and
3. APN for Singtel is “internet”
4. Username =
5. Password =

Next week , when I get my hand on Singtel BBOM SIM card, I shall test it with the E1750. Or, maybe you have already tried it? Do leave your comment below.


  1. I have already tested the configuration for Singtel and it works.

    1. Everything is dynamic so you orginal DNS stated is not necessary.
    2. You Username and Password should also be empty.
    3. You need to set APN to “Static” and “internet”
    4. select authentication “PAP”
    5. Done!!1

  2. as far as i can remember. Singapore telcos cannot lock any device just to be “exclusive”. this is applicable for 3g modules & mobile phones.

  3. Hi, I heard that E1750 can create a group contact in the contact list, so we can sms to a group of contact ( example, friends, business, family ). How many contact number that we can send a sms in one click ?


  4. Hi,

    I am using vodafone modem instead, the vodafone software is locked, so I am using the ZTE software instead (modem manufacturer is ZTE)

    For ZTE software, I need to select either PAP or CHAP, I can’t unselect both. The above settings doesn’t work for me…..

  5. i am using vodafone usb internet modem. what settings do i need so that i can use a sim card from a different provider? what settings do i need so that i can use it in countries where vodacom is not available?

  6. hi. i am using starhub mobile broadband on my laptop with a sim card slot. now i want to use the same simcard on my desktop.
    is it possible for me to use my existing simcard(postpaid) with this modem on my desktop?
    id really aprreciate your reply.

    1. Yes. You are right. The price of Starhub E1750 USB Modem has dropped to $98. I am not aware of any special terms and condition.

      But, I will to say I am quite disappointed with the speed. The actual transfer speed is way below my expectation. I feel like using a 56kbps dial up modem.

      I get faster speed when I use internet tethering via my Singtel iPhone 3GS.

      Speedtest using Singtel Mobile

      The last time I tested with a 2Mbps plan, I could not even get the test to run when I used Starhub MaxMobile Prepaid!

  7. To mildred

    May I ask how you configure your laptop sim card slot to work with Starhub Maxmobile without having to buy the USB dongle?

  8. Headfi – Thanks so much. I tried connecting to the internet yesterday with Singtel sim in the Starhub usb. And it really works. I had initially thought i need to either get a Singtel usb or just use my phone as a modem. Thanks!

  9. hi, can starhub simcard be used with other broadband modem ?
    i asked advice from few stores and they said that starhub simcard can’t be used with other usb broadband modem. Thanks.

  10. I take out my singtel mobile sim card from Huawei E180
    (It will run at 7.2Mbps )
    and put on my andriod ph tablet (Viewsonic Viewpad 7a)
    (USB tethering at 425.9 Mbps)
    [Maybe someone can explain why such increase in data speed)
    The Access Point Names is
    Name (Singtel or anything)
    APN e-ideas
    Username 65ideas
    Password 65ideas
    [both APN e-ideas and internet will works but dun know
    which will run best]
    While I put in Singtel DNS and Google DNS too

  11. You have just saved me S$130 for buying the cheapest USB modem stick by Singtel, just to use its sim card on the usb stick. THANKS!! 😀

    I was using Starhub’s HWAWEI E1550 by the way. Follow Headfi’s configurations and remember to add the access number *99#

    Good luck to everyone else! 😀 It should work!

  12. Hello, I will be visiting Singapore for 3 weeks. Staying at a place with no internet. Worthwile getting a Starhub MaxMobile ? Hanging out the WIFI spots is not working for me. Want to be able to work from the room I am renting. Suggestions welcome. Thank you.

    1. I am using Starhub MaxMobile Prepaid. Some of my friends use M1 PrePaid Broadband. Whether worthwhile or not really has to depend how much data you’re going to use. Also it depends whether you already has a mobile data device. For me, I cannot live without internet access so I will definitely look to buy a prepaid mobile data card when I travel overseas.

  13. I wish to purchase a USB Modem but not sure with is better speeds (Singtel or Starhub) ???

    Anyone can advice…. thank you : )

  14. Hi there. Thanks for sharing the settings for Singtel. I almost bought a new dongle as I was not able to get my Starhub dongle to function with my Singtel 3G sim card. Anyway, I have tried it with the settings that you have shared and it works. Thanks for your kind sharing. Much appreciated. :))

  15. Hey thanks. I had signed up for a faster broadband package from SingTel and got a SIM card for broadband on mobile without a modem. The girl I signed up with told me that i could use my old StarHub 1750 modem. This trusting old man had to spend an hour or so on hold with 1688 answering stupid and condescending questions. Then I read this posting. Wa liao, it works with both my Mac and PC! Thanks again guys. You young people ROCKS!

  16. Hi there, Im from
    México, I was using The USB singtel
    Modem to have internet access and it stopped working
    I was wondering If i could use an USB adaptator
    Put the SIM card there and use It as a
    Modem. I Dont want to buy another USB from
    Singtel because Im
    Leaving in a couple of weeks hope you can help me

    Thanks in advance, Greetings

  17. Hi can I use the Starhub max mobile prepaid card on the Singtel USB modem? Thanks would really appreciate your reply

  18. Hi, I have star hub dongle, currently using m1 duosim broadband mobile, what should I change the settings?

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