iPhone Silent Mode – Switch iPhone 3GS to Silent Vibrate

Got my new iPhone 3GS on Saturday after queuing for more than 5 hours at Singtel Comcenter. This is my first iPhone, in fact, the first time in my life to own a smartphone. Within minutes of owning this phone, I was already making calls and sending MMS of a picture of the crowd outside Comcenter.

iPhone Silent Mode Switch

Everything on the new iPhone 3GS is fast & cool Except

How to Switch iPhone to Silent Mode?

Switch your mobile phone to Silent Mode is a vitally important function and I expect Apple to make it really easy for me to switch the iPhone to Silent Mode.

To a iPhone noob like me, everything else was easy except for the fact that I could not make the iPhone to just vibrate and not ring. Even after nearly an hour trying out all the options in the Settings, I was still clueless!

Is it because I am too used to Nokia and Sony Ericsson?

I was too lazy to read the quick start or the user guide instead I text a friend for help and within minutes I got a reply:

“Slide the switch on the left side of the phone above the volume control”

Yes. It was that simple.


  1. I recently bought an iPhone and realized that you can’t turn the ringer off without turning off the alarm as well! This is quite troublesome because it means that you can’t stop your phone from ringing at 3am in the morning if you want the alarm function to work.

    Can anyone be of assistance?

    Is there an application that I can download?

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