The Marmalade Pantry – Expensive Food Court?

I actually like the place for dinner and visited the marmalade pantry at Hitachi Tower several times. I enjoyed the Crab Caesar Salad and the Ribeye Steak Sandwich. But, I was totally disappointed today.

the marmalade pantry

I did not make a reservation because I was there at 11.45am to meet my wife and a friend for early lunch. We placed our order by 12 noon and were served our food very promptly. We ordered spaghetti with kurobuta pork, ribeye steak sandwich and the crab caesar salad.

By 12.30pm the place was already very crowded and noisy.


At about 1pm, when we finished our food and started talking, we were told to leave. The restaurant staff tried to explain that the table has been reserved and we have to pay up and go.

Why are they chasing away people who paid $22 for a plate of salad, $24 for a sandwich and $5.70 for a coffee?

Running an Expensive Restaurant like a Food Court

We chose the place because we wanted to enjoy our lunch and talk over a cup of coffee. Apparently, the management of the restaurant is running the place like a food court.

Even MacDonald’s and Burger King would have left us alone if I’ve ordered only a hamburger.

I declare to blacklist and boycott the Marmalade Pantry.

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